April 2017 Message from Father Given

Fifth Sunday of Lent

I’ll be there! Will you?

The Bishop’s Committee of St. Thomas Episcopal Church has extended to me an invitation to return in God’s service to and with you as your priest. I have accepted your invitation. Thank you. Bishop Sumner has granted his permission for this pastoral relationship. Thank you Bishop. Fr. John Wells has agreed to pass the baton. Thank you Fr. Wells also. I enjoyed talking with him and seeing him with you this past Sunday. I know you have benefited from and enjoyed his ministry among you, and the several others, during these 90 days.

The Bishop’s Committee has been engaging Canon Michael Gilton, and thereby the bishop also, over these past 9 months. They know we are here. They are glad we are here. They have some ideas for our future ministry here in Ennis. Prayer, thinking, and “plans in the making” are being cooked up for the faith and works we are called to do and changes we might want to make. Church mission is much like fishing: match the bait to the catch.

We are a unique and gifted church for Ennis and beyond. We have had several nibbles and a few catches over the past three years. God is calling us to get our church into better and better spiritual shape, and to “pretty ourselves up” so we will better welcome and receive the guests of God already on their way.

Our collect for this Sunday reads in part: “Grant your people to love what you command and desire what you promise … among the swift and varied changes of this world …”

See you this weekend.

Faithfully yours in Christ,

Mark E. Given +