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Since 1993, ACROSS owned and operated two modest houses that were available for families in emergency situations.  These houses were funded by the sale of property donated by the Estate of Daniel C. Russell, by donations from businesses and individuals, and by the Greater Ennis United Way.  Many families have benefited from living in these houses, allowing fathers, mothers, and children to live in a clean, respectable environment while moving from homelessness to independence.  In 2005, those houses were sold to help finance the new 4 – apartment complex that we now occupy.

It is the mission of ACROSS to provide interim housing to citizens of Ennis, Texas who are homeless due to a crisis situation.  Further, to provide and assist in locating services and counseling that benefit individuals as they move toward independence.



The Gathering  is a community of faith, not an outreach project of a church. It is a place for those who may not be comfortable entering conventional church doors, but who still desire to be part of a Christian worshipping community.


The mission of The Gathering is to build and nurture a loving and compassionate faith community where the housed and un-housed, churched and unchurched gather together to seek healing, spiritual fulfillment and Christian community, affirming and encouraging the worth and dignity of all, and attending to both pastoral and physical needs of displaced members of the Body of Christ.