Over the Hump January 9, 2019

No one, it seems, likes change. It is sometimes difficult, it causes anxiety, and it is fearful. But it can not be avoided.

I would like to be 40 again. Then, I remember, that I also got fired from a fine job when I was about that age. 

Life happens when you make other plans, sometimes. 

I know a guy who makes films some secular and some religious. One film he produced was "The Last Seven Words"

I thought he was talking about the play 7 keys to Balbate Inn, in which I played in High School, or the last 7 words of Jesus from the cross on Good Friday.

Nope, he said. The last 7 words, "We Have Never Done It That Way" We spent the evening watching a most interesting film,

Change is not easy for any of us, I cannot turn back the clock and change seems to come quicker as I get older. I do have the choice given to me by being born with free will, how I will handle change. Many of us will go through Kubler Ross's stages denial, bargaining, depression, anger and finally to acceptance. I am trying to skip some of those steps and just get on with it. 

So, we begin the year with the words "perseverance" and now "acceptance"



Bless somebody today!