Over the Hump January 16, 2019

Bad News Sells.

Read the paper, watch TV or the net and you will find that Bad News Sells! (I wonder sometimes why I look at the obits so often).

The media seems to put a negative spin on the news. An example one February, the Washington Post ran an headline stating "U.S. Economy gains 400,000 Jobs" report spurs fears. Most people would just consider job growth good news. The Post warned that it could lead to increases interest rates. When growth slowed down a couple of months later, the New York Times ran a headline stating that the reversal was "Stirring Concern". 

When the dollar was weak, the Wall Street Journal warned that it would draw away from foreign investors and threaten our economy, later, when the dollar became strong, the New York Times cried that rapid growth prevents us from being able to "maintain economic stability in the foreign exchange market". 

The bottom line is this; you can put a negative spin on anything -- even good news, or you can find something good in any situation. If you look in an old but classic book, "In His Steps", a group decides, that for a year, each would think before doing anything to as the question... What Would Jesus Do? That is where WWJD came from.

In the book, the editor of the newspaper decides that doing WWJD he would no longer bring Bad News, only Good News. The paper readership sunk, and sunk fast, for you see "Bad News Sells" ... The book however, has a happy ending.


Bless somebody today!