Over the Hump January 30, 2019

A friend of mine writes a weekly, which I read faithfully and this week he wrote on encouragement and how in a race, where had worked very hard and was running it for his dad who could not make it to the race, he was overtaken at the last minute and fell in a heap when a family friend lifted him hugged him and said, I watched you run that race. I’ve never seen anyone with such a desire to win. You are a competitor. You are somebody, never ever forget that.

It reminded me of some years ago when I and a partner were training for a Marathon. THE WHITE ROCK, in hopes of qualifying for Boston. We ran the lake every morning for a month and near the end of the training, we were running and he screamed in pain for his achilles had snapped. Well, race day came, he met me at the start, we said a prayer and I was off. My friend was standing at every water stop and every 5 miles to encourage me and he was standing to welcome me across the finish line. I did that race in the best time of my life and I did not quite qualify for Boston but barely missed it. 

Much of my success that day was a result of my friend being there for me and cheering me on.


Bless somebody today!