Over the Hump February 27, 2019

When I was very young, I received a book from my Godfather. It was the biography of Will Rogers who was the famous philosopher cowboy from the great state of Oklahoma, where my Godfather was a professor at one of the colleges. 

There is a quote from the book that should have made it into the book of Proverbs in the Good Book. Rogers said, "Live in such a way that you would not be ashamed to sell your pet parrot the the town gossip."

Talk is cheap and so easily misused as we say to much, embellish a story, let ourselves fall into the trap of talking about others. Remember the game "gossip." What is whispered into the first ear comes out very different in the last one.

Another place in the Good Book talks about how we talk. We can find it in the book of James, I don't necessarily like the book for it hits too close to home. So be careful what you say in front of your parrot.