Over the Hump, March 13, 2019

First impressions are much of the time very important, and sometimes they predict how a relationship will develop or not.

I found myself at the Alabama State Prison, as a guest, to observe a new program entitled KAIROS. When I arrived, someone asked if any of us were clergy. I raised my hand and they said we are one short, so you may be a guest but you are on the team. So with no experience I was at a table with 6 men in white for the next 3 days.

We began talking, when the evening was over they went back to their cells and we left to stay elsewhere. The next morning one of the men did not return. we talked about it and I was sent to his cell to see if he was okay.

I got to his cell and asked him about coming back. He said that he was not coming back for he had heard the night before one of the outside men use bad language in the conversation.

I was that ourside man and I had, indeed, used a four letter word. He said that a real man of God would not use that kind of language. I am still working on that same problem after all these years but it still is a struggle for me.