Over the Hump 09/25/2019

This Saturday we will be the blessing animals, as a tribute to St. Francis of Assisi, who is the patron Saint of the animal kingdom. Were he living today, he would be an environmentalist, a good steward of creation.

Many a little child, and some adults have asked me the question, do animals go heaven? 

I have always hedged my answer. I have been with people at the Vets' office and we prayed as the pet left this world. I once answered a frantic call from a woman who asked me to pray for the healing of her dog. I once did a memorial service for a cat. We all sat around the 

urn and said nice things about the cat and its owner. I was hesitant to pray for the soul of the departed but no one seemed to mind. 

From the looks of the cartoon, we should be praying for the people trying to get into heaven instead of pets. Why?