Over the Hump November 28, 2018

There are some words that are important in AA. They are "Come", "Come To" and "Come To Believe".

Come to the meetings, Come To into your right mind then Come To Believe in the program.

But the words are important in other times of life. For example: years ago I served on the Board of Directors of a hospital in Colorado and thus had access to the E.R and even the O.R once. There was a lady in my congregation whose husband was not a believer. He had a bad heart attack one morning and was rushed to the E.R. When I got there, they were just getting ready to put the paddles on. When they did, I was standing looking down at his head and praying for him. I did not wear a collar, because I did not want to scare him, for he was a lapsed Catholic, thinking I was there for Last Rights. He had "Come" to the hospital. Later he "Came To" and what a great smile on his face when he saw me again, and later, he "Came To Believe" .

There is a similar use of those words in the Good Book, note: Luke, 15:11

Bless Somebody Today,

Fr. C