Over the Hump December 12, 2018

Two contrasting approaches to Christmas:

A pastor in a Church in Texas put a sign in front of his church during the Advent season that said, "Jesus is the reason for the season. Merry Christmas". He received a complaint from a woman in the community who took exception with the message. She closed the conversation by saying. "I don't think the church should try to drag religion into every holiday".

Contrast: Lt. Gerald Coffee spent seven years as a POW during the Vietnam war. During his second Christmas in camp he made an amazing discovery, he had been stripped of everything by which he measured his identity: rank, uniform, family, money. 

Alone in a cramped three-by-seven-foot cell, he began to understand the significance of Christmas. Removed from all commercial distractions, he was able to focus on the simplicity of Christ' birth. Although he was lonely and afraid, he realized that this Christmas could be he most meaningful, because now, more than ever before, he understood the world changing event.

"It's Advent but Christmas is coming."

Bless Somebody Today,

Fr. C