Over the Hump - November 7, 2018

A movie came out in 1985 entitled "Mask", starring Cher. In the story, Rocky Dennis is an intelligent, outgoing, and funny teenager who suffers from a facial deformity called "lionitis" and has now outlived his life expectancy. His appearance is shocking to both the faculty and students with some of the obvious results (you can imagine).

At the end of the year, he goes off to a camp, I don't remember if it was for those with special needs or not. There, he meets a beautiful blind girl and is immediately smitten. They become close and realize there is something special between them. She even feels his face, but is more aware of his gentleness, kindness, and his feelings for her. They are happy in their relationship until camp ends and her parents come to pick her up.

They see Dennis's face, watches them hug, with some shock and exit the camp soon thereafter. 

I don't have to tell anyone how important it is for us to show a great outside. Those outward attributes are the ones that get the most work, many times to the neglect of those inner things that are more important.

The ones Dennis showed to the young lady, kindness, gentleness, love, friendship, and vulnerability. The story is more important to me at this time in my life, for due to the great generosity of a brother, I was able to have work done on my eyes recently. It has changed my appearance and I am happy with the results. But it is still the same face that I see in the mirror. Every time I look now, I ask myself the question, does my inside life match my outside life? Do I let people see the true inside of me? Do I take the time to get to know the inner part of people I meet and associate with or do I judge people by how they look on the outside?

"I am reminded that we are born in the image of God"

Bless Somebody Today,

Fr. C