Over the Hump 04/11/2018

In my readings from time to time, I have come across a bit of a paradox or difference. Does changing ones mind, change ones behavior? Or does changing ones behavior, end up changing ones mind? There is bias on both sides. 

A story: David Wilkerson, the author of the “cross and the switch blade”, used to preach on the streets of NYC. He often preached or hung out near Tiffany’s. He began a nodding relationship with one of the Sr. staff, whom he would see from time to time. They nodded for a while and then began to talk. After a while, David asked after the mans spiritual condition. It turned out, he did not have an answer. After sharing a bit about God and Jesus, David suggested that the man “Try God” for 3 months or so, and see what happened. The man took up the challenge and the next day, before his feet hit the floor, he said “today I work for a new boss.” He did that for the 3 months and by the end of the time, the man had gotten to know the God of the Bible. 

The outcome of the story, was the production of buttons in the jewelry department. “Try God” buttons were sold all over the country, and every cent went to the ministry which David Wilkerson had begun, and still operates today: “Teen Challenge”. Which way do you lean?




Bless somebody today!