Over the Hump 04/18/2018

This week I will attend a luncheon for Sr. clergy in Dallas. We will see old friends and remember some who are not with us this year. 


It got me to thinking about friendship and how important it is. 

I had one friend that I met in high school. He almost got me thrown off the baseball team, so I did not have much use for him. Later, in college, my fraternity urged me to try to get him to join during rush week. I did and he did join, and we became fast friends until cancer took him some 50 years later.


We worked together, played together, and ministered together. He was a gift to me and I to him. Our lives got, and time would pass, but one of us would pick up the phone and later, a cell phone, to reconnect.

We get so busy sometimes we forget about our friends. Or worse yet, take them for granted and forget they are gifts to us. 

As I write this, I am thinking... Are there friends out there that need to hear from me? Anyone that I need to reconnect with?

As I am making new friends, I don't want to forget some of those friends who have been there for me. How about you? There is a song 'Friends' and I want to enjoy my friends now, not regret that I did not when they are gone.




Bless somebody today!