Over the Hump 05/16/2018

Have you ever heard a sermon or lecture on the subject of envy, or the 10th commandment? I haven't, but I have lived it. 

It is not that I wake up one day and say "today I am going to be envious”. It just rises up naturally when my brother drives by my house 3 or 4 times in a Mercedes, for which he paid cash. Knowing too, that he had a couple more in his garage. Comparison is human. 

We compare ourselves with others. Sad but true, I have done that more than I care to think about. 

There is an eastern saying, "envy toward the above, competitiveness toward the equal, and contempt toward the lower". We don't usually compare ourselves with the genius, the hedge fund billionaire, or supermodel. We tend to compare ourselves to those who are in our social circle. As the saying goes… want to feel poor, find some rich friends; want to be rich, find some poor friends. Keeping up with the Smiths happens within a peer group. Some years ago, I found myself, comparing myself with some of my peers in a group. I would feel lousy but I could not help it, so I quit the group. 

Envy doesn't leave room for joy. As time went by and I grew a bit more mature, I discovered the remedy for envy and that is gratitude. Having an "attitude of gratitude" may seem trite. But it is true. And it is a great defense to comparing myself to others.




 Bless somebody today!