Over the Hump March 27, 2019

As I look back over the years, moments stick out that were life changers and some of them, for me, were odd to say the least, but changers nonetheless.

For example, I used the following story in an Easter sermon back in the 70’s. It is a simple story but the results of that talk were life changing. I found it in a book entitled "ASK ME TO DANCE" by Bruce Larson. 

He found it in a bulliten from a church in Texas.

"Ever feel like a frog? Frogs feel slow, ugly, puffy, drooped, pooped. I know, one told me. The frog feeling comes when you want to be bright but feel dumb, when you want to share but are selfish, when you want to be thankful but feel resentment, when you want to be great but are small, when you want to care but are indifferent.

Yes, at one time or another each of us has found himself or herself on a lily pad, floating down the great river of life. Frightened and disgusted, we are too froggish to budge. One upon a time there was a frog. But was he really a frog? He was a prince who looked and felt like a frog. A wicked witch had cast a spell on him. Only a kiss by beautiful maiden could save him. 

But since when do cute chicks kiss frogs. So, there he sat, unkissed prince in frog form. But miraclesd happen. One day a beautiful maiden grabbed him and gave him a big smack. Crash! Boom! Zap! There he was, a handsome prince. And you know the rest. They lived happily ever after.

So what is the task of the Church?

To kiss frogs. of course.

For better or wose, I am know in possession of many frogs of various sizes and shapes. But you know what?

I have been kissed and it was a life changer.




Bless somebody today!