Over the Hump 04/03/2019

They say that aging is not for sissies, and sometimes there are perks. The perks can come from some interesting places or circumstances. 

I always wanted to run the Boston Marathon and a friend of mine worked hard to qualify but would always come up short. In my 54th year I ran a Marathon in the time of 3:32 which was two minutes and thirty-two seconds to much. I had some interesting thoughts as to how to get around those minutes-discount the rest stops, subtract the time from when the gun went off to when I got to the starting line. There were some others that were a bit shifty. Finally, I called Boston to see what I could do.

The person on the end of the line was pleasant and and asked how old I would be the day of the race which is in April. I replied that I would be 55. She informed me the qualifying time at 55 was 3:35 thus making me eligible to run the Marathon. You can imagine how I felt. 

I discovered there are some perks to aging and it was a great day in my life and the added blessing my daughter ran the last 6 miles with me that day as well. The year was 1993.