Over the Hump 04/10/2019


Limon Colo, a town of 1800, was my first job as a pastor. I was barely 30 and green. I attended a party one evening, and I met the director of public welfare of Lincoln County and before the evening was over, he had hired me to assist at the welfare office.

As it turned out he drank too much and was not at the office a lot and I ended up sometimes being the director. 

In the course of time, I found out that sixty-two percent of the adults in the county had not graduated from high school. A young man that I met in the Jaycees and I put an ad in the paper that if anyone wanted to get their GED, to come to the Church of the Resurrection on a Wednesday evening for a few weeks. 

Eighteen showed up the first time and in three weeks we outgrew the church and ended up at the high school. Later we had the GED people come to Limon to administer the test and about two-thirds passed.

I left some time later for another town but that young man who worked for the telephone company kept that class going and expending for several years before he was transferred. It started small but it did start and the results speak for themselves. 

The principle of the high school said he wished that he students were as anxious to learn as ours were. 

The Easter Season or Spring might be time to START SMALL, BUT START