Over the Hump 04/24/2019

If you visit Scarborough Fair this year, the first booth on your left as you enter the gate is the St. Thomas Brass Rubbing booth. 

The church as begun a brass rubbing program in Ennis, we are letting people do some rubbing of their own and selling some already done.

We have learned a lot of Medieval history and some amusing things as well. In those days much family bathing was done in a huge tub. The men went first, followed by the women

and lastly the children. By that time the water was very dirty and thus came the saying, "don't thrown the baby out with the the bath water." Houses had thatched roofs thick with straw piled high with no wood underneath and it was a place where the cats and dogs, and other small animals could get warm so they lived in or on the roof. When it rained it became slippery and the animals would fall. Thus the saying. "its raining cats and dogs."

Are You Going to Scarborough Fair?