Over the Hump 05/08/2019

Coincidences are Gods' way of being 'anonymous'

For a time some years ago, I worked part-time for a Psychologist in Dallas in a large building with 8 floors. There was a room on one floor that served as the copy room, supply room and also the coffee room. 

From time to time, I would run into a lady from down the hall. We had what you would call a nodding relationship. As time went by, we would speak and one day we began to share a bit about where we had come from. I was raised in Colorado and so was she. We seemed to be about the same age (without my asking). We talked about high school and I finally asked here about her spiritual background. Surprise, it was the same as mine. She then mentioned she had attended a Church camp in the past which just happened to be the same one that I attended. She mentioned that she had met a boy that she liked very much who had a strange nickname, "plumber." "Thats' me." I exclaimed.

Now, for the rest of the story. That very day her oldest son was going to prison for attempted murder. That prison happened to be one that some of my friends were taking part in a ministry called KAIROS. I was able to contact my friends who were ready to welcome him to the prison when he arrived and he later took part in one of their weekends. My newly found old friend, later even adopted a another "man in white" and lives near some of the prisons here in Texas. Chance meeting? I think not!