Over the Hump 05/29/2019

I just received the latest email message from a man I met years ago, in Dallas, at a large Church where I worked for several years. 

In his email, he shared with his readers his visit with his wife to Disneyland, and how they enjoyed many of the activities offered. He described his trip on a rough ride "Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey". "You were all over the place, on your back, on your belly", where he thought he would fall off but the chairs held him in. His name is Duncan Holmes, and he is a professional Piano player. When we met he was playing piano for worship at the Church where I worked. It was a joy to watch his fingers fly over the keys with speed and dexterity. What made him so special to all of us was the fact that he is blind and has been since birth and he has never seen a keyboard. He is a devout Christian and not afraid to share his views. When he plays concerts, he gives credit to God for his talent and I have never heard him complain about not seeing.

What an example for me, and I am privileged to call Duncan a friend. We had one thing in common on his trip to Disneyland; The "Small World Ride"

He almost fell off getting on and I cried for it was a great experience for me.