Over the Hump 08/07/2019

When I was a small boy, we lived near the Fair Grounds of the Colorado State Fair. I attended, the fair, as far back as I can remember. 

When I was 12, as a Boy Scout, I became an usher in the arena. My favorite event was the bull riding. As an usher I was very close to the action and it was very exciting. A year later, I came down with Polio. It was during the State Fair and I was devastated that I could not attend (so close and yet so far away).

Part of my treatment was not to get out of bed. This was tough for a 13 year old boy. One evening about 9:30 our house began to shake and there was a lot of noise in our small back yard. Too much for this little kid, so I got up and we looked out the back window. Much to our suprise, there was a Brahma Bull tearing up our yard. There were men with ropes trying to catch the bull with little success. As I remember, I was rooting for the bull.

The bull finally escaped the yard and headed toward the river, a short distance where he was finally captured. I continued to go the the Fair, but nothing was quite as exciting as that night, when the State Fair came to a small boy.