Over the Hump 08/14/2019

As many today, as when I was in college, I was usually broke or needed what little I had to get by. 

One summer, I got a speeding ticket and did not know how I was going to get the money. I, for sure, did not want to let my Dad know. My Dads’ law partner was also the police magistrate who I would have to face in court. Then I read that he would suspend the fine if one went to driving school. The fine was $25.00, so I would be off the hook and the magistrate gave me the assurance that he would not tell my Dad. So, it went well in court. 

What I did not know at the time was the editor of the local newspaper had no use for my Dad. I don’t know what the issue was, but it went deep. Standard procedure in the court system was that material was always sent to the local paper and printed somewhere in the back pages. The next day on the front page an article entitled, “Son of Asst. District Attorney to take safe driving course to offset a speeding ticket”

Later that day I got a call from my Dad, who said, “I have to read the local paper to see what you may be up to?” 

I guess it was both justice and gotcha!