What is the meaning of life?

How can I be a Christian in a Post-Christian culture?

Are there any answers?

WHY am I here?


What is my purpose?


You are invited to join us each Sunday, 

Church School @ 9:00am

Worship @ 10:00am

Children’s Sunday School meets 

EVERY Sundays @10am

Coffee Hour:

Before Sunday School

Covered Dish Luncheon on the first Sunday of the month.

We here at St. Thomas Episcopal Church are attempting to learn about and live in the Episcopal tradition. 

We attempt to wed our worship and service together as we reach out to serve those.  

We take seriously Matthew 25:34 

“Then the King will say to those on his right, ‘Come, you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world. “

If you would care to join us on our pilgrimage,  we would love to share our vision with you.

The worship at St. Thomas is both Protestant and Catholic.  The first part of our worship is the reading of the Word, followed by a sermon, statement of faith, prayers of the people, confession and assurance of forgiveness.

Communion follows for all baptized Christians.  We use the elements of bread and wine as Jesus did on that last night of his life.

This is the worship every Sunday and we have special worship services on special days and holidays.

Healing is part of the ministry of St. Thomas as well.  Prayers for healing are offered every Sunday or by request.   We feel that Jesus is still putting broken people back together.


St. Thomas is the Little Yellow Church at 901 Park Street.  It is the church, along side, the most interesting tree in the city.  The tree grows sideways and not up, and it is propped up by some supports, which help it to grow.  Many people like to have their picture taken because of its beauty. 

The supported tree is an example of the Christian life as the church. 

  We grow up to be independent, to do our own thing and our own “thing”, turns out sometimes, crooked or sideways and in need of support, to continue to grow.  The Christian life is simple, but not easy and that is where the supports come into play.   Jesus’ body on earth is the Church, it is the laboratory and the family where we learn and practice what it means to be “The Family of God”

We certainly do not learn about Christianity from the culture we live in. 

It is our belief at St. Thomas that we need all the support we can receive or give, to live a life following the master carpenter, especially our children and grandchildren.  Therefore, we offer education for adults and we are working on a Children's Ministry meeting every Sunday.  

At present our Children's Ministry meets on the 1st , 3rd, and 5th Sundays at 10:00 am.  The adults meet for coffee beginning at 8:45am with class beginning at 9:00am, and Church services begin at 10:00am.  

Please come join us.